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The OM7000 is a coulometrlc bod measuring equipment developed by government industrial department laboratory, Hokkaido and Ohkura.
Its application extends to measuring decomposition of chemicals by bacteria (microscopic organism), sewage disposal simulation in waste treatment, automating and quantifying tissue culture in pathology.
Evaluating effectiveness of vaccine and antibiotics, measurement of respiratory and oxygen consumption in chemical, marine products and agricultural industries.
Can perform the Print of various calculations and the test result in combination with data processing software by having changed the Measuring unit from the paper chart Expression recorder to the touch panel system indicator.

■Measurement by automated oxygen supply
Be most suitable for straight Degradating test such as OECD test guidelines 301C, JIS K 6950.

■Touch panel system indicator
Adopted an exclusive touch panel system indicator as an operation part and display. Can confirm a result as a chart by simple operation and a trendy display.

■Be possible in combination with conventional products
The Measuring unit is accessible to conventional thermostatic ovens such as OM7000. Can just use the glasswares such as the Electrolytic bottle, too.

■Data processing software
Prepared data processing software for Windows7.
Can perform processing such as a calculation, the Print of data by being able to be connected to eight Measuring unit with one PC, and using data processing software.

■Estimates BOD5 using raw sample solution

■One time measurement of 6 samples in temperature bath

■Direct readout of oxygen consumption in "ppm" or "mg'

■O-ring sealed cultivating bottle